🅰 Did I get in a fistfight? 🅱 Or had I just lived in a house with mould and had severe candida overgrowth?

Pictures of me with swollen eyes, swollen face and eczema from candida overgrowth

The answer is B.

8 years ago I lived in a house with black mould in Vancouver and within 3 months I was covered in eczema, my face and eyes were swollen, I had recurring yeast infections, I developed allergies and food intolerances, and my mental state tanked – brain fog, mood swings, irritability, anxiety and depression.

Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms? It can be incredibly hard to decipher the root cause of the seemingly unrelated symptoms, but they may point to candida overgrowth if:

✔ You have or are living in a home with mould or very dark humid conditions

✔ You have a history of heavy antibiotic usage 

✔ You have or are currently taking birth control pills

✔ You eat a lot of processed, high carbohydrate or high sugar foods

✔ You experience high stress levels on a regular basis

I checked every last one of these boxes and I imagine many of you do as well. Candida (also known as yeast) is normal in our bodies in small amounts, but many things can feed yeast in the body to the point where it becomes overgrown. This is when you start experiencing symptoms.

Fast-forward to 3 months later after moving out of the house, I had stopped getting swollen eyes and my rash was starting to clear up. 6 months later My skin was clear.

Pictures of me after candida cleanse and eczema clearing up

How did I do it? I followed what is called the candida diet. This diet approach cuts out all of the foods that feed candida in your body and exacerbate symptoms. It involves cutting out sugar, refined carbohydrates, dairy, gluten and anything else that can feed it.

Combined with natural antifungal herbs and probiotics, this approach is highly effective.

In my online store, I have a 1 month candida diet meal plan that you can try out if you think you might be experiencing candida overgrowth.

If you are not ready to take the leap, try out my free 7 day candida diet meal plan to get a feel for it!

cover of free 7 day candida diet meal plan

What is your story with candida overgrowth? Send me an email or comment below! 🙌❤

Tara Klippert
About the author Tara Klippert

Tara Klippert is a Registered Health and Nutrition Counselor and holds a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching. Tara helps people clear up cystic acne, balance hormones and blood sugar + improve anxiety and gut health NATURALLY with food.

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